Thursday 31 January 2013

A Question of Counties - Part Two

I thought I'd get on with the task of identifying the Counties of England I have ridden to or through in my biking career, here's a few more, mostly from last year's Grail Quest:


My Triumph Tiger 1050 in Bury St Edmunds, I have to admit I struggled a bit to recall when I first rode a bike to Suffolk, the earliest occasion I could remember was a day trip to Lowestoft in the mid Eighties, I can't remember why but I rode a friend's Yamaha XZ550, a strange looking slab sided bike with a horrible flat spot in the carburation, which is why I suppose it stuck in the memory. But then I realised it was most probably a trip to Snetterton in Norfolk to watch my mate Steve race there. Yes I know that's in Norfolk but I would have had to ride through Suffok to get there!


So I suppose I can tick Norfolk off the list too, here's a more recent shot taken whilst Green laning in Thetford Forest.


The Tiger again, this time in Cantebury (although the first time I visited the County by bike was a trip to Brands Hatch to watch bike racing in 1981).

My CCM 604E outside St Pauls Cathedral, again my first visit to London was much earlier in 1979 on my first ever bike, a Honda CB 250 G5. If I recall it was a ride with some mates to Leytonstone High Road, a bit of a bike mecca then, with Rivetts, Read Brothers, Hagon's and a few other bike dealers all located within a half mile of each other.


My first visit to Middlesex was again back in 1979 when I collected my first bike in Edgware. This picture was not taken as part of the Grail Quest but taken on the same day I visited St Pauls and Westminster Abbey, taken at the Adventure and Overland Day at the Ace Cafe. It's the CCM again but you do have to look closely!


Salisbury on the Grail Quest Again. First time in the County was during my student days approximately 1981 on one of my numerous exploration of the countryside north of Portsmouth.


A late night out in Oxford on the Grail Quest, again a County I first visited many years ago, it was to watch some student friends racing on the old RAF Little Rissington circuit in 1982.

Progress so far....

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