Friday 14 August 2015

What’s in a name?

Just prior to the Tuareg Rallye, I received a somewhat irate message from Emmanuel (Manu) Braga at French Rally Raid support team Nomade Racing. He was concerned because a friend of his had spotted my Facebook page and thought that I had set up a rival company to his with the same name (albeit in a different language)! I was able to assure him that I was no threat to him as Nomad Racing wasn't a company at all but simply a name I had chosen to promote my personal racing interests.

At the rally he was supporting a French rider and after we met up, along with his girlfriend Angelique (Angel) we had a chat, everything was fine and we had a couple more conversations over the week (well as much as my limited French would allow). I had at that time offered to provide a link from my blog to his web site but he insisted it wasn’t necessary.

However I recently learnt that my friend Chris Cork (Corky), who was forced to retire from this year’s Dakar Rally after a crash on day four left him with a broken arm and vertebrae, has been successful in gaining an entry in next year’s Dakar. And what’s more he has chosen Manu and Nomade Racing as his support team!

So to honour the fact I have added links to both Nomade Racing’s web site and Chris’ site – “Corky Dakar 2016” to my home page, please check out Chris’s efforts to train for the Dakar, which has included racing the Hellas Rally in Greece on a KTM 950 Super Enduro (to make it more difficult and more like the effort required for the Dakar) and to make it really challenging he rode it all the way to Greece (with a stopover at Manu’s place in France of course).

He is soon to be launching support packages to assist with the difficult task of raising money for the race. So please consider supporting him as every penny counts. After all this is the man who sold his house to compete last year!

And of course we also shared a sponsor as John’s company First Response sponsored him for this year’s Dakar as well as my humble efforts at the Tuareg.

You can also track Corky’s efforts on the Adventure Rider forum: