Friday 25 January 2013

A Quick Update

Yes I know it's been a long time dear reader but after being struck down with Shingles before Christmas and then Christmas itself, we were into the Dakar Rally!

It finished last weekend with a great results for fellow BBRC Rally competitors Lyndon Poskitt and Craig Bounds as well as Stan Watt and Tim Forman, as well as "Adopted" Brit, Aussie Si Pavey (yes the bloke wot Raced with Charley Boorman in 2006).

So I could do a write up on the Rally but haven't really got the energy to try and put 14 days of the greatest off road race in the world into type!

You will recall last year I took part in the Adventure Bike Rider Forum, "Grail Quest" being the first rider to bag all 31 locations across Britain and Ireland and one of only six to complete the whole challenge. Well the 2013 Challenge has started and it's a bit different, we have to play "Travel Scrabble" with our bikes.

The Challenge is to get pictures of your bike in front of town and village signs and then use the initial letter of the name to spell words and score in Scrabble fashion. Only you can't use any old word, it has to be "Bike Related".

Luckily this doesn't require long cross country trips like the Grail Quest as quite frankly with the job situation still not resolved I can't afford any trips like that at present. But at least the Travel Scrabble challenge can be done locally. I won't bore you with lots of pictures of my bike in front of road signs (you can do that on Adventure Bike Rider if you really want to) but I was rather chuffed with this one for a maximum 10 points,(it's Quendon in Essex in case you can't see, it was a bit dark when I got there).

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