Friday 21 October 2011

Results from the Cambrian Rally

The finalised results are now out!

Although I felt that my riding hadn't been as good as on the Hafren, I seem to have managed 23rd in Class which looks like a good improvement from my 37th in the previous rally.

OK there is a marked difference in that the Hafren lumps all Trail bikes together in one class, whereas the Cambrian splits it into Trail being below 575cc and the big bikes are referred to as the "Rally Class".

However if you combine both classes, I would still be 29th so yes it does look like an improvement. The other big question is of course "23rd out of how many... 23?" well in fact there were 28 finishers in Rally, with a further nine DNF's so i'm pretty pleased with that.

By comparison in the Hafren I was 37th out of 45 finishers, so it doesn't look too bad.

Now I have too see how that compares to the results in the Big Bike Rally Challenge, where the Rally Class gets split into singles and twins but also competitors on "big bikes" who entered other classes will get included, I spotted at least one CCM (a Suzuki engined 644) in the Sports Bike Class (the one for "proper" enduro bikes).

And I finally discovered that someone got a photo of me, having a bit of a splash on the Strata Florida track; picture courtesy of Enduro News

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  1. Good Stuff Tony. I remember the Strata Florida. It was more like "The sea somewhere off the coast of Florida" when I did the Welsh 3-Day in 2000-ish. Had to invert the KTM to drain the water out of the engine, along with about 50 other riders doing the same thing.