Tuesday 25 October 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!

So having confused several Monty Python fans with that title, here's something not about Rally Racing...

But it does involve motors, off roading and mud (well it would have done if it had rained, which it hadn't)

Well first off you should know that I hold the exalted position of Chairman of Hertfordshire 4x4 Response.

Wossat? I hear you cry!

4x4 Response is a charitable network of thirty one groups around the country whose volunteer members turn out to assist the Civil Authorities during adverse weather or in the response to emergencies and major incidents through the use of capable 4x4 vehicles and equally capable drivers. Although most agencies will pay a contribution to our fuel costs, our members give up their time and provide their vehicles and expertise for free. We also assist other charitable organisations, often for no charge as after all we are all in the same game of chasing ever decreasing funding opportunities to provide our services.

We have carried out tasks as diverse as transporting the Police, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Patients and even Registrars in snow and floods, delivering water to households cut off after the 2007 floods, delivering antiviral medicines during the swine flu pandemic, rescuing stranded motorists and getting vital supplies through to cut off villages. In fact any task that needs reliable transport in adverse conditions we can usually oblige.

So anyway back to the plot!

On Sunday Hertfordshire 4x4 Response held it's first ever training and assessment day. Having been offered a site free of charge, 27 members turned up to have their driving abilities, vehicle recovery knowledge and navigation skills assessed.

I think next time we will need a bigger field!

Colin and Pete demonstrate safe recovery techniques

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I'm very pleased to report that everyone showed a very high standard of ability. Even those who by their own admission had less experience were able to demonstrate safe control of their vehicles and everyone was prepared to ask questions and listen to the advice on offer.

For further details check out:        http://www.hertfordshire4x4response.net/

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