Wednesday 5 October 2011

Results are out!

The provisional results for the Hafren Rally were published today

I managed 37th place out of 45 finishers in the Trail Class, which doesn't sound too impressive but I'm well pleased as I managed to meet my primary objective, just to finish. Especially as I chose to do the whole rally rather than the shorter beginners class (1.5 laps instead of 2.5).

In the Big Bike Rally Challenge (BBRC) my result looks a bit better, remember this is for bikes over 575cc so approximately half the trail class can be eliminated as too small.

The BBRC is divided into twins and singles, so at a first glance I was the 16th single over 575cc, which would score me three whole points and thus met my secondary objective to get into the points scoring.

However it later transpired that one rider, although on a BBRC eligible bike had entered the sports class (for "proper" enduro bikes) but under the terms of the BBRC he also gets included and sure enough he had a better overall time than me!

So that's 17th place but still a score of two points.

This meant an unlucky break for Dave as he was two places behind me so was pushed out of the points into nineteenth. This was entirely down to his one disasterous stage, which took him over 12 minutes, whereas on the next lap he did it in 6 minutes 24 seconds (26 seconds faster than me).

Had he not lost these 6 minutes he would have placed above me as our total time difference at the end was only 4 minutes and 14 seconds. So it goes to show that one simple mistake can make all the difference. Indeed out of the five timed stages, Dave was faster than me on three of them, so it looks like we have a little battle within the championship next year!

My times were:

Special Test One:   Second Lap - 00.06.30   Third Lap - 00.06.50
Special Test Two:   Second Lap - 00.14.35   Third Lap - 00.15.22
Special Test Three  Second Lap - 00.10.34

Overall time 00.53.55  (which was 15 minutes 58 seconds behind class winner Craig Bounds)

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