Friday 30 September 2011

Two sleeps to go!

Only two days left until my first ever race at the Hafren Rally.

Well the bike is all ready, since my last post I have fitted a pair of 20mm handlebar risers to improve the riding position and make it easier to look ahead and hopefully making progress easier!

Ever since i've had the bike I have had problems with the petrol cap leaking (a common proplem with the Acerbis plastic tanks on CCMs), this recently got much worse and a quick investigation showed the rubber gasket inside the cap was missing, I can only imagine it fell at the last time I filled up. So a new cap and gasket were ordered direct from CCM and arrived the next day, so hopefully that is sorted.

The weather forecast looks fantastic for most of the country although there is light rain forecast in Mid Wales tonight and it looks like being cloudy on Sunday but still 24 degrees! Hopefully the rain will dampen things down nicely so it isn't too dusty (but I doubt it) but it looks like taking on liquids will be crucial during the event.

So it just remains to pack all my riding gear, fill up the bike and spare fuel can, load up the trailer and head off to Wales tomorrow.

The final start list is now out and i'm now confirmed as number 226 but i'm still showing as being in the beginners class!!! Another thing to sort out before Sunday.

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