Sunday 25 September 2011

All sorted for the Hafren Rally

I got a quick response from the Club Secretary, with an apology, so all is well.

I am now starting in 220th place an improvement of 115 places and I'm back in the Trail Class.

I did some final preperation on the bike today, subjecting it to a thorough check over, to sort out those few outstanding jobs and to ensure there is nothing that it might fail on in scrutineering.

  • Spokes all checked and OK.
  • Brake pads have plenty of material left on them and work OK.
  • Wheel bearings, swing arm bushes and head bearings all checked and no play in any of them.
  • Replaced my bent brake lever with a new one (and strapped the old one to the fork leg behind the headlight as a spare).
  • Degreased, then re-lubed and tensioned the chain.
  • Tyres all OK with no obvious damage, tyre pressures set.
  • Rims OK with no dents or dings
  • Replaced the bent pivot bolt on the side stand and retensioned the springs so it now sits against the stop like it's supposed to and not dangle about an inch below it and flap around in the breeze!
  • Topped up the engine oil.
  • Checked the air filter, it's nice and clean so left it alone.
  • Re-taped the wiring alongside the headstock as it was looking a bit tatty
  • Fitted a spare clutch lever taped to the frame.

So all looking good for next weeks Rally debut, not sure if i'm more excited than i'm nervous, or maybe that's the other way round???

All stickered up and ready to race

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