Tuesday 4 September 2018

Sixty by Sixty part 2

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OK it's started!

Grainne suggested that I should add spending a day at a spa with her to the list. Just us, no kids, no animals a bit of "us time". I wasn't sure at first as it seemed a bit ordinary but on the basis that we'd never done it before I agreed it should go on the list.

Which was a good thing as she had already booked it! So to celebrate the 4th anniversary of our first date we went off to the Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes, a superior suite booked in the Waterfront Hotel, lunch, dinner and breakfast included, four hours in the spa with thermal pool, sauna, steam room, salty steam room (our favourite) and a 50 minute hot stones massage as well! All very relaxing. Shame that dinner service that evening was abysmally slow and food so over cooked that Grainne's starter had to be sent back and eventually refused as the supposedly grilled asparagus had clearly been boiled and for far too 

I've also added a few others items since starting, so the list is now up to 47 items, glass blowing has been added after a suggestion (thanks Jane), although I did reject Andy's idea of juggling whilst riding a unicycle to the North Pole!

Going to the Opera in Verona was another long held ambition that I forgot when first compiling the list. Although we have been to Tuscany this year and last, so were within driving distance of Verona, both times we were there in May and the Opera doesn't start until June.

I also decided that as Learning to Snowboard was on the list, I really ought to actually go snowboarding. So a snowboarding holiday was added to the list and booked for Bormio in the Italian Alps next March.

I've always wanted to go up the Shard since it was built but again completely forgot that fact when compiling the list, I was reminded when I got an email offer from "Bookatable by Michelin" for a fixed price lunch at Aqua on the 31st Floor, so another idea was added to the list.

I've also added 'ride the UK leg of the Trans Euro Trail' which is a little bit of a cheat as I have ridden many of the individual non-tarmac sections over the years. I'm still deciding whether to ride it all in the right order, which at 2923 km (1816 miles) potentially takes 14 days (Although that could be broken down into stages) or just to pick off all the non-tarmac bits still remaining. Either way it's on the list.

Still looking for ideas!

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