Thursday 2 March 2017

Bike Preparation Part 4

As previously explained, the electrics on the bike were a bit of a mess and the nine wires to the speedo in particular....

However the task of sorting it out was made easier by the discovery that four out of the nine wires were for the optional handlebar switch for the trip meter. these were still bundled together into a single connector so easily identified. As I don't need these I just left them alone and cable tied them out of the way.

There are two wires that go to the front wheel sensor,  one had been cut and the other damaged but as the severed piece was still in the connector to the sensor, easy to work out which these were. So these were both cut back to good cable, new connectors installed and plugged back together.

This left three wires; one red, one black and one brown. The brown was easy as this is the colour for earth and I had a loose red/yellow wire (the main power feed from the fuse) so that seemed the obvious one to connect to red. This left the final wire that according to the wiring diagram should connect to a black/brown wire. But there was no sign of one anywhere?

A closer examination of the wiring diagram showed that the black/brown wire eventually connects to the brown earth cables somewhere in the loom, so it was a simple matter to also connect that to the brown wire...

And it worked!

The front brake light switch was another easy fix, the cable from the switch fed into a multi connector but that has never had anything attached to it whilst I have owned the bike? I believe this is where the standard headlight plugs into. A close look at the wiring diagram showed that two wires a white and a yellow should go to the same terminal on the back of the block. So I connected a loose yellow wire that must have originally gone into this block to the feed wire of the front brake light switch and it works! The white wire is the original side/tail light feed and is now redundant so was removed.

So all sorted.... or so I thought!

I did a final check to see if everything was working only to discover I had lost all battery power, i.e. the starter button, horn and rear light were now not working (the front lights, being mounted on the Nav tower are not currently connected).

The bike could still be kick started, which then powers up the brake lights as they work from the generator not the battery and the speedo powered up. Pressing the horn button produced a feeble beep, which indicates power is possibly leaking through somehow but it's clearly not right!

First suspected culprit had to be the main blade fuse which is mounted on the starter relay behind the battery. I was certain I must have shorted something out when chopping wires so I pulled this out but it was an opaque plastic fuse rather than the translucent type I normally use, so you can't see if it's blown or not, so I fitted a new one and..... nothing!

By this time I had been working on the bike for several hours and getting fed up so decided to call it a day.

Subsequent research online shows there are actually two fuses mounted on the starter relay, one is a spare. So I think I may have swapped the spare fuse over. As mentioned previously the wire from this fuse is a yellow/red cable. The wiring diagram shows this leads direct to the starter button and the horn button, so seems a likely suspect!

I found this very useful picture, which made me realise what i may have done...

But you can see it's not that easy to see, especially when covered in mud; The fuses are on the underside of the relay that's arrowed below...

A subsequent swap of the other (correct) fuse and......

Absolutely nothing! This was going to take some more investigating

To be continued

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