Wednesday 15 February 2017

Nomad Racing in 2017

With the fun and games of the Dakar Rally over and done for another year, let’s get back to preparation for my own racing calendar.

As I have another big event to sort out this year (Yes the wedding)! I am planning a conservative campaign this year. Although some of you may spot this is potentially more than the last two years! 

In 2015 I started the year with the Tuareg Rally in March and then didn't manage to go racing again until the Hafren Rally in November. Basically the wear and tear of a seven day rally was rather more than I expected and a lot of new bits were required, including having to have the busted oil filter screen thread in the crankcases repaired which did keep the bike in the workshop for rather longer than anticipated. A new job and a house move also had to be factored into the year but I still managed eight days of rallying, seven of those on road book navigation.

Last year I started with the Tour of Portugal in March and then didn’t get out to race again until July and the Ryedale Rally. Although the three days in Portugal wasn’t as taxing as Morocco, it still took a fair bit of repair and replacement, the joys of campaigning an eleven year old bike I guess! 

The two days of the Ryedale were something else though….

I lost the side panel/air box cover, the number plate, broke the rear mudguard and number plate hanger, ripped the seat cover, bent the side stand pivot bolt, ripped the mud flap that covers the rear shock, suffered some damage to the fairing from flying rocks (that also smashed my helmet peak) and to add insult to injury, the speedo, horn and brake lights all gave up the ghost! So a bit of work to do before I go racing again. Again not a great year but still five days of rallying with three on roadbook.

So with all that in mind, what to actually race in 2017?

Well the proposed calendar to date is:
  • March/April - Tour of Portugal; Three day road book rally (already booked)
  • June - BAJA GB; One day road book rally in Mid Wales
  • September - Tour of Mann; a two day ATRC round on the Isle of Man
So that'll be six days of rallying with four of them on road book

More on them in my next blog

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