Wednesday 30 December 2015

Happy Christmas

Cyril Neveu, winner of the first ever 
Paris - Dakar Rally in 1978/79 on a Yamaha XT500

Season's greetings and all that stuff to one and all....

Things have been a bit quiet on the rally front as House moves and other stuff get in the way, the rally bike hasn’t even made it to the new house yet as the garage is still full of boxes, so it’s currently stored at a friend’s place.

Around now I’m usually preparing for the Dakar Rally, using the great coverage that is available on the ADV Rider forum:

Unfortunately BT can’t connect up the phone line (and therefore provide internet access) at the new house until the 5th of January. So at the moment I have to rely on my fast dwindling mobile data allowance and the not very consistent free BT WiFi available at the house. Luckily it will just about stream Eurosport player so at least I can watch the highlights from the first few days of the Dakar until normal service is resumed!

I have also been contacted by a fellow Dakar enthusiast in the shape of James Budd, who writes for the blog, with some great historical information on the first Dakar in 1978/9, check out the blog…

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  1. Happy New Year to you Tony - all the best in the 2016 Rally Season sir.
    Thanks for working with James and sharing the site, we really appreciate it. Hoping your internet issues are solved in a few days man,
    Joe 'advjoe' Enberg