Friday 21 December 2012

It's the end of the world as we know it.... or maybe not!

Oh well looks like the Mayans were wrong and we are all still here!

Not quite the end of the world but I went down with shingles yesterday, not really my idea of a Christmas present and bugger does it hurt!!!

It's been rather busy lately with 4x4 Response matters, we had the national AGM last weekend and it was my turn to resign as a trustee of the Charity, only to get re-elected again... no chance of a bit of a rest then!

Now i'm sorting out the AGM for Hertfordshire 4x4 Response, which will be held in January.

On the Rally bike front nothing happening at all as unless I can get myself a job after March, I can't commit to the season, so the bike is just sitting in the garage, at least I did get round to giving it a good clean after the last rally and covering it in WD40 so it shouldn't be rusting away just yet! But it could do with a service and the rear wheel bearings still need replacing.

Christmas looks like it could be a bit of a non event, i'll just have to keep taking the pills and hope i'm feeling a bit better by Tuesday!

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