Thursday 4 October 2012

New Toy Alert

Well I’m almost up to date!

So what else has been going on since the Beacons Rally?

I got a new bike, no not the Rally bike, I replaced my Triumph Tiger 1050 with a KTM 990 Adventure. An ex demonstrator from the KTM Centre in Hemel Hempstead that had previously been loaned to the Hairy Bikers for their “Bakeation” Series. However the only images I can find show a different, although near identical 990 to mine but I have been told that the “white bike” in the series was changed part way through but can’t find any pictures, looks like I’ll have to watch the series on iplayer to see if my bike really is an ex TV star!
The bike was fairly standard but I got a great deal on some Akropovic silencers, a lovely sound and several kilos lighter than standard, not to mention they run much cooler than the stock pipes which is important when they sit right under your bum.

On the subject of which the bike also came fitted with the optional KTM Ergo seat (aka a gel seat), luckily it also came with the standard one as I find the Ergo seat more uncomfortable, largely because it is lower, so puts more strain on my (admittedly dodgy) knees.

Being a 2011 model it doesn’t come with crash bars as standard but I was offered the chance to have a look in the yard out the back where they had a few bars from insurance jobs. Unfortunately it seems everyone had fallen off on the same side so I could mix and match to fins a decent looking pair but as they were free, I wasn’t complaining. Whilst we were out there a pair of pannier frames was also found and so they were donated too. All in over £300 of bits free of charge… not bad!

I’ve since added a few more bits and pieces but will post them up later.


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