Wednesday 18 January 2012

I'm still bored!!!!!

Well where do I start?
Having been sat here for several weeks now waiting for my leg to heal, there's not much to report so I thought I'd update you on the bike preparation, or at least what little I'm able to do.

As mentioned I got the new wheels and the intention is to keep these as race wheels to preserve the tyres as off road tyres don't last long when trail riding due to the amount of tarmac miles you end up doing.

These will be fitted with a Maxxis Cross enduro tyre on the front as I have already been using and as I need a new rear tyre, this will most probably be a Mitas C02 road legal motocross tyre, which is very popular in Rally Racing.
The spare wheels will be fitted with the Pirelli MT21 rallycross' that came fitted on the new wheels, I also have another nearly new set of these that were fitted to the bike when I bought it, so that will keep me in trail tyres for some time to come. The Pirellis are not my first choice but as I already have them it would be daft not to make use of them.

The 260mm disc currently fitted on the front "race" wheel will be fitted to the "trail" wheel and that means I need another disc. Ebay came to the rescue and instead of spending £88 on a new disc from CCM, I obtained a very nice stainless steel "wave" disc from Race discs for only £29.98

I was quite amused to see that it turned up in what seems to be a pizza box!

I'm currently investigating how to improve the bikes lighting, either by utilising some existing lights that I originally used on my mountain bike or going for a "bought in" solution from Trail Tech. This is due to the Sprint Rally in April having a "night stage" and the current headlight is truly abysmal.

I did some experimenting a couple of years ago with the MTB lights, these are a 10 watt and 30 watt halogen lamps and as you can see make quite a difference...

View from the garage with the standard headlight:

And now the view with the 30 watt light added!

It's just a matter of fabricating some mounting brackets and working out the wiring but that will have to wait until the leg is better.

Regarding the leg, I'm still waiting for an MRI scan to determine at long last whether the tibia is in fact broken and hopefully identify any other damage if not. Then I can get on with the lengthy process of getting it sorted.

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